Challenge of the week #10

My little eco-friendly gestures !

As you probably know, at Citémômes recycling is very important, we hardly throw anything away! Scraps of paper, wool, but also cardboard, packaging and clean waste are recycled as much as possible!

During the confinement, we heard that many people have gone green… It’s time to show our love for our planet!

This week, we propose you a challenge highlighting the World Environment Day which takes place on June 05th as well as the European Week for Sustainable Development which should have been held, as every year, from May 30th to June 05th. Due to the health situation, the events are postponed from September 18 to October 08, 2020!

During the European Week for Sustainable Development, several types of events take place such as conferences, exhibitions, associative activities, educational projects… For what purpose? To raise awareness among citizens and various stakeholders of the Sustainable Development Goals, set by the Member States of the United Nations, in order to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

During these two months of confinement, our planet was able to breathe and we finally took the time to set up new ecological routines at home.

And you, what are your little eco-friendly gestures?

While waiting for autumn, let’s create together a virtual event to show our daily commitment!

Impression sun colors challenges you to photograph your eco-friendly gestures with, as always, a dominance of color!

Send us your photos with a quote, first name, age and place of capture by SMS/Whatsapp to or by mail to !

For more information about the European Week for Sustainable Development, please visit HERE.