Challenge of the week #12

Life in blue!

If blue is the favourite color of Europeans and also the symbol of water, this week at Citémômes we see life in blue!

And that’s just as well, because today is World Ocean Day!

World Oceans Day is an initiative launched in 1992 following the Rio Summit (the first United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) and which aims to make 8 June each year, since 2009, an opportunity to raise public awareness of better management of the oceans and their resources.

Coordinated by the associations Réseau Océan Mondial and The Ocean Project and officially recognized by the UN, this day is enhanced by fun activities that take place simultaneously all over the world: aquariums, science museums, associations and institutions of education to the marine environment to learn more about the sea. An « Ocean Passport » is distributed to participants, who in exchange commit themselves to carrying out a number of concrete actions (including at the domestic level) in favour of the preservation of the seas.

Here is the link to an informative video from the official United Nations website:

Your favourite scarf, an exotic cocktail, a souvenir of the sea… Blue is everywhere and very easy to hunt! So the challenge of the week is very simple, let’s celebrate the blue, let’s photograph it!

Send us your photos with a quote, name, age and place of capture by email to or by SMS/WhatsApp to