Challenge of the week #13

Music in color!

This week it’s the instruments, the speakers, the records that are in the spotlight… Everything that makes music! Indeed Impression sun colros has also decided to celebrate in its own way the music festival, by taking pictures!

The World Music Day takes place every year on 21 June (the date that most often coincides with the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere). It is currently celebrated in about a hundred countries around the world. Various local music festivals that used to take place on this solstice day now participate in this popular festival.

Although the French name is also often used in some English or German-speaking countries, it is sometimes also known as World Music Day, or under literally translated names such as Fiesta de la música (Spanish), Festa della Musica (Italian).

It has its origins in several stages: first of all in 1976 the American musician Joel Cohen, who was working for France Musique at the time, proposed « Saturnales de la Musique » for June 21st and December 21st during the two solstices. He wanted the bands to play on the evening of June 21st, the day of the Northern Summer.

Then on 10 June 1981, André Henry, appointed to the new Ministry of Free Time, organised the « Music and Youth Festival » to celebrate the arrival of François Mitterrand in power. This free concert bringing together around 100,000 people at Place de la République (Paris) with Jacques Higelin and Téléphone inspired Jack Lang to create a popular musical festival, the « World Music Day ». Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture, and Maurice Fleuret, Director of Music and Dance of the Ministry, also influenced by Cohen, thus gave the decisive impetus to the event and the first national holiday was celebrated on 21 June 1982.

World Music Day encourages amateur musicians to volunteer to perform in the streets and public spaces. Thanks to the organisation of numerous free concerts, by amateurs as well as professionals, it gives a wide audience access to music of all kinds and origins.

Many establishments are allowed to stay open longer that evening to accommodate the public, and many streets in major cities are closed to traffic to make way for organized or improvised stages and spectators wandering from one show to the next.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the 2020 music festival in Rouen, please follow the link below!

So it’s very simple, this week, photograph the colourful notes of music and its instruments!

Without forgetting the dominant of color, send us your photos accompanied by a quote, name, age and place of capture by email to or by SMS/WhatsApp to