Challenge of the week #14

Sport and Olympism!

After music, this week it’s sport that’s in the spotlight! Indeed on June 23rd, as every year since 1894, we celebrate Olympic Day!

Where does Olympic Day come from?

Delegates from 12 countries gathered at the Sorbonne in Paris voted unanimously to support Pierre de Coubertin’s proposal to revive the Olympic Games on 23 June 1894. This date marks the birth of the modern Olympic Movement and the founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
In January 1948, at the 42nd Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in St Moritz, its members adopted the project of a World Olympic Day to commemorate the founding of the Olympic Movement and promote the Olympic ideals in their countries. The first Olympic Day was thus celebrated on 23 June 1948 by nine National Olympic Committees, which organised ceremonies in their respective countries.

In 1987 the IOC « Sport for All » Commission established the Olympic Day Run to encourage all National Committees to celebrate the day and to promote the practice of mass sport. The first edition of this Olympic race saw 45 National Committees participate. Today more than 100 National Committees are taking part. However, the original concept has evolved and now Olympic Day is much more than just a race or sporting event and its organisation is based on three pillars: Move, Learn and Discover.

What are we doing on the 23rd?

On the occasion of this Olympic Day of Physical and Sports Activities, handicraft or cultural workshops, conferences and other events will be organised within the establishments.

This year the French National Olympic and Sports Committee invites you to walk the symbolic distance of 2024 metres. Alone or in groups, but always respecting the rules of physical distance, take part in the challenge by walking, running, cycling, scooter or rollerblades…

What is the ISC Challenge?

It’s very simple! To celebrate this sports week, we suggest you take pictures of everything that evokes sports! Whether it’s your favourite rollerblades, your knee pads, a ball, a sports field… everything is possible, without forgetting the dominant color!

Send us your photos and quotes with your name, age and place of capture by email to or by SMS/WhatsApp to !