Challenge of the week #2

Travel materials

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This week is inspired by the theme « Travel materials » and is placed under the sign of a change of scenery!

« Travel materials » is in fact the theme of « l’Aiguille en fête », an annual event where textiles are in the spotlight and which welcomes nearly 200 exhibitors from here and abroad.

Each year the show hosts various free workshops open to all, animated by exhibitors who come to pass on their know-how, the discovery of techniques and trends around textiles but also to make you travel and give you emotions.

This show is a gold mine for professional and amateur couturiers but also for our color hunters!

« The intimacy of the materials of our memories where past and present are mixed through the eye of the collector… » L’Aiguille en fête.

Whether it is a journey in time or in the world, we all have a piece of clothing, a fabric that evokes a destination, or makes our spirit travel through a childhood memory or a moment spent with a loved one?

Impression sun colors challenges you, photograph your most beautiful patterns, your most beautiful colors that are hidden at the bottom of your dressing room.

Then send us your most beautiful pictures, accompanied by the impression they evoke, your name, your age and the place of the shot…