The smell of new supplies and pages of notebook still all white, the desk all tidy, the calendar that indicates the coming of September and its most beautiful outfit put aside … There is no doubt about it, the bell for the new school year has rung! In this week of resumption and return on the benches of the school or on the way to work, we propose you a new photo challenge placed under the sign of the small joys of this so particular period of the year!
Your beloved schoolbag, your gourmet lunch box, your brand new pens or the moments of conviviality between friends or colleagues… What does this new school year evoke in you? It’s time to photograph it!


  1. Take a colorful picture! With a dominant color it’s even better!
  2. Associate it with an « impression »: a word, a sentence, a quote… whatever it evokes for you!
  3. Then send it to us, indicating your first name, your age and the place where the photo was taken (city) by SMS/ WhatsApp to or by email to !

Keep an eye on our Instagram stories, maybe you’ll see your pictures! ! 😉