This week, from October 7th to 11th, we are celebrating the festival of nature in France!

All over France, citizens, associations, town halls, schools and businesses are taking concrete action to preserve and promote biodiversity. These actors experiment, sometimes fail, start over and then one day end up reaping the fruits of their commitment. Because nature is generous, it makes us happy with every little gesture…

The fauna, the flora, the four elements, the leaves, the flowers, the trees, the landscapes? Nature is rich and beautiful. But what does it inspire you? It’s up to you to photograph it ! 🙂


  1. Take a colorful picture! With a dominant color it’s even better!
  2. Associate it with an « impression »: a word, a sentence, a quote… whatever it evokes for you!
  3. Then send it to us, indicating your first name, your age and the place where the photo was taken (city) by SMS/ WhatsApp to or by email to !

Keep an eye on our Instagram stories, maybe you’ll see your pictures! ! 😉