Challenge of the week #5

Color in your daily life

The Normandy Impressionist festival is a multidisciplinary festival honouring artistic creation in all its forms, through multiple events: impressionist exhibitions, contemporary art, photography, live performances, conferences…

For its fourth edition in 2020, presided over by Érik Orsenna, the Normandy Impressionist festival celebrates its tenth anniversary and reinvents itself according to a new formula devised by its general commissioner, Philippe Piguet. Thus the 2020 edition is a plural guiding thread, rich and open to interpretation: Color from day to day.

The Impressionists were interested in the representation of day-to-day life – the family circle, leisure, work, fledgling industries, social transformations and in the representation of the social environment, etc.- leaving aside everything that fell under the academic canons that had been in use until then. Moreover, their treatment of color gradually frees it from the constraints of the subject, to the point of anticipating its disappearance in favour of pure abstraction.

It is on the basis of this guideline that the projects proposed by different structures in Normandy – museums, art centres, choreographic centres, associations, etc. – were selected by the Scientific and Artistic Council of the Normandy Impressionist festival.

In the image of an artistic movement that has shaken our way of seeing and thinking about the world, the fourth edition of the festival has the ambition to be an event that reveals the contemporaneity of this movement and which in turn is fully in tune with its time.

In the current situation, the launch of the festival has of course been postponed, but at Citémômes we decided to mark the occasion anyway! We are therefore launching a challenge around our project « Impression sun colors », which has been labelled by the festival.

Let’s be inspired by the colors of our daily lives!

This week, every day will be a color!

It’s up to you to chase it!

Several leads:

  • Take a picture of something, a detail of the color (a piece of clothe, a flower, a plant, food …)
  • Gather different elements of your interior in the same colour and take pictures of them (you can even have fun giving them a shape!).
  • Search for a photo in your archive with this color
  • And a little wink to the operation #smileathome, make a smile of this color!

Once the photo has been taken, send it by text or email with a little word what you think of the situation or the color!

Everyone can participate: Alone or with family!

For colors, it’s simple, 1 day = 1 color and we were inspired by the rainbow!

Monday: purple

Tuesday: blue

Wednesday: green

Thirsday: yellow

Friday: orange

Saturday: red

Sunday: pink

To your cameras, smile… Take a picture!