Challenge of the week #5bis

Color in daily life goes on!

The Normandy Impressionist festival is a multidisciplinary festival honouring artistic creation in all its forms, through multiple events: impressionist exhibitions, contemporary art, photography, live performances, conferences…

For its fourth edition in 2020, presided over by Érik Orsenna, Normandy Impressionist celebrates its tenth anniversary and reinvents itself according to a new formula devised by its general commissioner, Philippe Piguet. Thus the 2020 edition is a plural guiding thread, rich and open to interpretation: Color from day to day.

In the current situation, the launch of the festival has of course been postponed, but at Citémômes we decided to mark the occasion anyway! We are therefore launching a challenge around our project « Impression sun colors », which has been labelled by the festival.

Last week we chose to be inspired by the colors of the rainbow, every day was a color…

Well this week the color in daily life goes on!

Several leads:

  • Take a photo of something, a detail, a focus of a color (a garment, a flower, a plant, a food …)
  • A composition of objects of the same color,
  • A photo from your archives,
  • A little nod to the #smileathome operation, achieve a one-color smile with any technique!

Don’t forget to accompany your photo with an impression, what the location or colour evokes to you, then your first name, age and place of capture!

Then send us your most beautiful pictures by mail or text/WhatsApp!

Anyone can participate!

So here are the colors of the week!

Monday: white

Tuesday: beige, light brown, wood

Wednesday: brown

Thirsday: grey

Friday: black

Saturday: silver, copper, golden

Sunday: the color you want!

3, 2… Impression sun colors!