Challenge of the week #8

Art is everywhere

Because Art is everywhere, it can be a source of inspiration in our daily life as well as at the level of colors, shapes, way of thinking about the world…

As every week, we are launching a new challenge! Just like its predecessors « Color in daily life », « Impressions » and « A, B, C like… », it will be punctuated by daily missions to brighten up your days!

And this week, it’s a challenge that puts Art in the spotlight, as a nod to the « European Night of Museums » that should have taken place this week!

« European Museum Night »

This event is organized by the Ministry of Culture, during which many museums open their doors free of charge all over France and Europe from dusk until midnight .

It’s a friendly and fun way to discover museums through commented and enlightened visits, fun itineraries, workshops, screenings, tastings and many other surprises!

By 2019, the event had mobilized more than 3,200 museums in thirty European countries, including 1,200 in France, which welcomed more than 2 million visitors.

Since its launch in 2005, the European Museum Night has attracted a large audience every year and has proved very popular with young people!

If you didn’t know, you can go and have a look at the portal (this way!) while waiting for the event which will be postponed on Saturday, November 14, 2020!

To participate in this week’s challenge…

It’s very simple!

Every day, you will be able to discover the challenge of the day on our « Impression sun colors » networks!

Throughout the week, let yourself be guided by great artists and be inspired to express yourself in the manner of these great painters…

A challenge specially designed to delight our young and old art lovers alike and at the end of which you will have become proven color hunters!

Here is the program and some explanations:

To start the week off right,

Monday: Get inspired by Cézanne by photographing a still life! A still life is an artistic genre that represents inanimate elements, so it can be a beautiful basket of fruit, a bouquet of flowers…

Tuesday: Derain style – go for explosive colors! You can play saturations to get very pronounced colors for example! Or go hunting « punchy » colors in our interior or even outside while going for a walk!

Wednesday: As Monet did, have fun with light to get series! Photograph the same object at different times of the day and you will get several tones of the same color just by using light!

Thursday: Geometry to give a Braque and cubism look to your photos! Cubism is an artistic movement in which objects are represented in a composition and recurrence of geometric forms. It’s up to you!

Friday: Like Magritte, divert and reinterpret reality by giving a completely different meaning to the object you photograph for example. For a surreal photo, let your imagination run wild!

Saturday: A monochrome in the style of Yves Klein or Malévitch. Only one rule: only one colour!

Sunday: Have fun with reality like Warhol for a pop art photo! Avant-garde, the Pop Art movement consists of using very bright colours that are offbeat and offbeat from reality. Warhol appropriates everyday objects to make works of art (glass bottle).

Send us your photos with a quote, first name, age and place of capture by SMS/Whatsapp to or by mail to !